Bright horizons of Ganna Kryvolap

Birthday is a special day when we start our own year and make plans for the future. Artists are no exception. Therefore, today we are talking about the birthday girl Anna Kryvolap – a young but already very famous artist from a large creative family.

Ganna Kryvolap, Before the rain, 2013

Each artist sees the world in his own way – Ganna sees it blooming and bright. Ganna Kryvolap is a master of figurative abstraction, but the most interesting thing is her work with color! “The basis for me has always been and is color, with its help you can convey a variety of feelings and states”, says the artist.

Ganna Kryvolap, Image II, 2019

Ganna Kryvolap’s works are presented in series, most of which are dedicated to Ukrainian origins and traditions, translated into the language of modern painting. “Wells”, “Trees”, “Horizons”, “Involvement”, “Plastic Variations”, “Ribbons” (“Strichky”). Each series of works is a kind of artistic narration, a story told using colors and shapes.

Ganna Kryvolap, Tree (1), 2016

“Oh, Tapes is very interesting! My grandparents are from the city of Yagotin, where I oftentraveled with my parents, – says Anna. – Then my dad and mom, and my husband and I, andseveral other artists bought dachas opposite Yagotin – in the village of Zasupoevka, with afantastic view of Lake Supoy.

Between our village and Yagotin there is a bridge across the railway, and there, on a large shield, ribbons always flutter. It is our local tradition to tie a ribbon on the bridge for a wedding.

Every time, passing here, I not only got an aesthetic pleasure from this multicolor against thesky, but always wondered how these ribbons resemble human destinies. Some are completelynew, others – old, shabby, and another come off and fly away… And all this against thebackground of an unchanging, eternal landscape”.

In October last year, the exhibition of Ganna Kryvolap “Involvement” was held at the Museum of the History of Kiev. The works presented on it are an ancient mosaic, rethought, sensual, as a modern artist sees it. “It is impossible to give such an amount of color without emotion,” noted writer and art critic Anna Vladimirskaya at the opening of the exhibition. “Ganna Kryvolap is an example of 21st century impressionism”.

Now the artist is considering a new series of works: “In this period of creativity, the most interesting moment for me is the transfer of ideas into material. And the dialogue that arises between me and the first step in my work, when the material itself begins to form some kind of image and state, and the colors interact with each other, creating energy. The moment when something important arises for further development. For me painting is a process, and it is as a process that I am most interested in painting”.

Ganna Kryvolap, Horizons (5), 2016

One of the largest series of paintings by Ganna Kryvolap is “City Horizons” (“Obrii Mist”). Anna travels a lot around the world, and the most picturesque corners of it come to life with the help of paints on her canvases. Istanbul, Gurzuf, New York – many cities and thousands of different colors…

Ganna Kryvolap, Horizons. Sarajevo (2), 2017
Ganna Kryvolap, Alps, 2019
Ganna Kryvolap, Kiev Horizons, Proriznaya Street, 2016

Ganna Kryvolap was born in Kiev, in a family of artists Zinaida Vasina and Anatoly Kryvolap, at school she studied with Zoya Lerman and Oleg Zhivotkov, at the academy – in the class of Daniil Leader. Kiev occupies a special place in her work. “Kiev – and immediately the heart skips a beat!”, says Ganna. – I love this city for its rich history and culture, and I deeply feel my Kiev roots. Probably because I was born in the very heart of it, not far from the Opera House”.

The series of works “Kiev Horizons” are panoramas of the city, and individual streets, and houses, and always – a lot of sky. Sometimes it takes up two-thirds of the canvas, and you look at it like a real sky – for a long time, and you just can’t look away. “There is no such sky as in Kiev anywhere else – look!”, – says the artist.

Ganna Kryvolap, Kiev Horizons (3), 2018
Ganna Kryvolap, Kiev Horizons (2), 2015

Ganna Kryvolap’s workshop is spacious, bright, in the historical heart of the city, on Andreevsky Spusk. The room is permeated with light and filled with paintings. There is a huge number of canvases, and when you start sorting through and consider them, you cannot stop. On the coffee table are art books and many catalogs. When you leaf through it, your eyes catch on to details, fragments, shreds of silk ribbons…

Art critics note that many international projects and foreign exhibitions of Anna Kryvolap show Ukraine as a country with centuries-old traditions, but at the same time bright and modern. But we were attracted by something else: in the paintings of Anna Kryvolap Ukraine looks happy. Blooming. Large. Strong and kind. It is the kind of country that we all want to see it.

Therefore, today we wish Anna great happiness and inexhaustible creative strength to create something new – new paintings, series of works, small and large projects. Create our common Wish Card, which will definitely come true.

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