Alena Kuznetsova

Born in 1986 in the Arkhangelsk city. Studied at the children’s art school in Svetlovodsk, Kropivnitsa region, from 1996 to 2001. Has received full higher education in the specialty «Fine Arts» (KNUSA, 2008). Works in the genre of non-objective painting and studying color from 2007 to this day. Lives and works in Kiev. The works are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

Personal projects:

2010 – «Light and Color» in the gallery of the Foundation for the Promotion of Arts, Kiev

2011 – «Ping-Pong» in the gallery DailyKievBar, Kiev

2014 – «The flesh. Other», Efir, Kiev

2016 – «In Color», Spivakovska Art: Ego gallery, Kiev

2016 – «Nature of sensations», Museum of History of Kiev

2017 – «G R A V I T Y», Nebo art gallery, Kiev

2017 – «KILL BILL», America house, Kiev

Collective exhibitions:

2008, 2009, 2015, 2016 – Gogolfest, Kiev

2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 – «Artists draw. А4», «Karas» Gallery

2014 – «Ukrainian Landscape», Mystetsky Arsenal, Kiev

2015 – «The seeds of the new: time as a reality» in the Modern Art Research Institute, Kiev

2015 – «Hybrid reality» in the Modern Art Research Institute, Kiev

2015 – «Kyiv. Liquid canvas», the art of new media, the research project of the New Art School, Kiev

2015 – «Dialogues. Time to hear» in the gallery Lavra, in the open air of «Transaction»

2016 – «The place. Time», Sklo, Kiev

2016 – «Two years of art», Spivakovska Art: Ego gallery, Kiev

2016 – Drawing Utopias, IKLECTIK ART LAB, London

2017 – «How do you see this color?», MASLO the gallery, Khmelnitsky

2017 – «Marry me», Zenko foundation, Museum of the History of Kiev

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